The AEC2019 program, with eight different sessions in total, will provide delegates with a taste of how industry and policymakers are driving the global electromobility sector. The different high-level sessions cover all aspects of emobility.

Charging Experience - Monday, May 20th - 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm

What are the key challenges to building infrastructure from a consumer perspective? Are consumers fears of lack of charging infrastructure justified? High level speakers will detail how to overcome these relevant barriers and when it will be realistic to travel anywhere in an Electric Vehicle.

• Mr. Dominique LAGARDE, Executive Vice President Electric Mobility
• Mrs. Juliette ANTOINE-SIMON, General Manager of Izivia, France
• Mr. Dawid ZAJKOWSKI, International Sales Director E-Mobility at KEBA, Austria
• Mr. Pierre CLASQUIN, Vice President EV Charge of TOTAL, France
• Mr. Kristof VEREENOOGHE, CEO of EVBox, Denmark
• Mr. Jacques BORREMANS, CharIN Managing Director Asia, china
• Mr. Erik LORENTZEN, Head of Analysis and Consultancy at the Norwegian EV Association, AVERE member, Norway

Urban Mobility - Monday, May 20th - 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm

Electric solutions for cities come in various shapes and sizes. Our urban mobility session will look at the light electric vehicle sector and how it is helping clean up the air across the world.

• Mr. Stéphane MARTINOT, Product Marketing Director, Valeo Powertrain Systems, France
• Mrs. Anja VAN NIERSEN, CEO of Allego Group, The Netherlands
• Mrs. Muriel BARNEOUD, Director of Societal Engagement La Poste, France
• Mrs. Sharon DIJKSMA, Deputy Mayor Traffic, Transport  and Air Quality, City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Mr. Mathieu BERNASCONI, Business Development Manager France & Belgium, SHARE NOW, France
• Mr. Sytse ZUIDEMA, CEO of Newmotion, France
• Mr. Alister HAMILTON, Director and Chair EVA Scotland, AVERE Member, Scotland

Autonomous Vehicles - Tuesday, May 21st - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

There are various synergies between autonomous and electric mobility. How and when will it be possible to take advantage of these innovative technologies that are currently tested in groundbreaking projects across the world?

• Mr. Jan VAN DEN OETELAAR, Head of Siemens TASS Business Unit, The Netherlands
• Mr. Olav MADLAND, CEO of Applied Autonomy AS, Norway
• Mr. Nicolas DE CREMIERS, Head of marketing at NAVYA Tech, France
• Mr. Puneet SINHA, Automotive Manager in Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor, USA
• Mr. Jean-Luc BROSSARD, R&D Managing Director PFA, France
• Mr. Jan MOLEMA, Director at Benelux Union, Belgium
• Mr. Frank RIECK, Applied Research Professor Smart e-Mobility Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Vice President AVERE, The Netherlands

Mobility as a Service - Tuesday, May 21st - 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm

Electrification of car sharing fleets and how to incentivize consumers to drive electric shared vehicles is a hot topic. But how can we fully electrify these fleets and what are the relevant barriers to doing so?

• Mrs. Corinne PAKEY, Deputy Program Director Mobility GROUPE RENAULT, France
• Mr. Christophe ARNAUD, CEO Blue Systems Smart Mobility, France
• Mr. Anders WALL, Chief International Officer, GreenMobility A/S, Denmark
• Mr. Jochen DE SMET, Senior Energy Consultant, The New Drive, Belgium
• Mr. Pierre SOULARD, Head Urban Mobility Department of Lyon Métropole
• Mr. Edwin BESTEBREURTJE, Partner and Senior Consultant, FIER Automotive & Mobility
• Mr. Maciej MAZUR, Managing Director Polish Alternative Fuels Association, AVERE Member, Poland

Electric Heavy Duty Transport - Tuesday, May 21st - 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm

The first ever EU legislation regulating Co2 emissions from heavy duty vehicles has pushed industry to look at the potential of electrifying heavy duty transport. This session will discuss what potential solutions exist. We will also get insight from how to electrify the larger passenger transport segment of vehicles.

• Mr. François SAVOYE, Alternative Energies Development Director, Europe RENAULT TRUCKS, France
• Mr. Stephane CHAMBON, General Manager Sustainable Mobility and Transport TOTAL, France
• Mrs. Anne DE BAGNEUX, Director of Strategy and Transformation, Transdev, France
• Mr. Marc GOHLKE, CEO, CARA, Germany
• Mr. David THACKRAY, Sales & Marketing Director, TEVVA, England
• Mr. Hans BEKKERS, Business Development Manager Public Transport at VDL Bus & Coach bv, The Netherlands
• Mr. Ivo TSACHEV, E-Mobility Operations E.ON/Board Member BAEPS, AVERE Member, Germany

Smart Charging, V2X - Wednesday, May 22nd - 09:00 am to 10:30 am

How can we handle the increased load of electric vehicles on the grid? Our speakers will detail how best to integrate the surge of EVs into the grid and suggest solutions to the technical challenges that the coupling of the sectors bring.

• Mr. Hervé RIVOALEN, Strategic Marketing and Smart Charge Director, Electrical mobility EDF, France
• Mrs. Maria-Laura CORALLINI, V2G Business development Manager Nissan Energy, France
• Mr. Ghanim PUTRUS, Professor of Electrical Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Northumbria University, England
• Mr. Marcel BRZANK, Senior Business Development Professional for EV Charging Infrastructure, Germany
• Mr. Nouredine HADJ-SAID, Smart Grids Institute, Director of G2Elab, France
• Mr. Eric MEVELLEC, CEO of the joint-venture between EDF &  Nuvve, France
• Mrs.Yasmine ASSEF, Program Director, New Business Energy GROUPE RENAULT, France
• Mrs. Cristina CORCHERO, Head of the Energy Systems Analytics Group at IREC, Spain

Hydrogen ZEV - Wednesday, May 22nd - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Building hydrogen ecosystems to accelerate the deployment of zero-emission mobility: main challenges and success factors

The Zero-Emission Valley Project: first feedbacks
• Mr. Etienne BLANC, 1st Vice-President, La région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France
• Mrs. Michèle AZALBERT, Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE renewable hydrogen Business Unit, France
• Mr. Thierry MARTIN LASSAGNE, Head of Public Affairs – France, Group Michelin, France
• Mr. Gautier CHATELUS, Deputy Director, Infrastructure and Transport Department, Caisse des Dépôts, France

A comparison between France and other countries
• Mr. Fabio FERRARI, 1st Vice-Président of AFHYPAC, in charge of mobility topics, AFHYPAC, France
• Mr. Luc BODINEAU, H2 Activities Coordinator, ADEME, France
• Mr. Jean-Luc BROSSARD, R&D Strategy Director, Plateforme Filiere Automobile, France
• Mr. Thorsten HERBERT, Head of Programme NIP, Divisional Head Transport and Infrastructure, NOW, Germany

The key role of transnational projects to boost hydrogen mobility
• Mr. Bart BIEBUYCK, Executive Director, Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint undertaking, Belgium
• Mr. Bernard FROIS, Vice-President, IPHE (International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy), France
• Mrs. Elise RAVOIRE, Principal Consultant- Element Energy, JIVE (Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe), United-Kingdom
• Mr. Katsuhiko HIROSE, Professional Partner, Hydrogen and FCV promotion Group, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
• Mrs. Valerie BOUILLON-DELPORTE, President of Hydrogen Europe and Chair of the governing board of the FCHJU, France

• Mr. Nicolas BRAHY, COO of Hydrogen Europe, Belguim