Electrics scooters are available on Ride & Drive.

Moov-elec is a firm which will allow you to save time and reduce drudgery in everyone’s transport.
Moov-elec is a firm of electricity and economic mobility.
We propose a range of mobility products based on scooters and carriers with 3 or 5 wheels.
The transport is 100% electrical and it addresses both firms and private individuals.
Our products are adapted to each use to ensure an easy and fast mobility.
We propose an alternative, sustainable and personalized travel mode in order to optimize travels to save time and serenity while respecting the environment.

✓ Moov-elec is the economic mobility’s solution.
✓ Several options are offered for an easy and fast transport in every situation and in every circumstance.
✓ Optimise your transport, change your way to move.
✓ Reduce your travelling time
✓ Move better
✓ Save time, money and the environment.

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