National Canadian Pavilion

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Companies present:

Ministère de l'Economie et de l'Innovation du Québec

The Ministry's mission is to support business growth, entrepreneurship, science, innovation, export trade and investment. The Ministry is coordinating the elaboration and the implementation of the digital strategy. It also advises the Government with a view to favoring economic development in every region of Québec, in a perspective of:

• Job creation;
• Economic prosperity;
• Sustainable development.

Please visit our website: economie.gouv.qc


LeddarTech is an industry leader providing the most versatile, scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform based on the unique LeddarEngine, which consists of a suite of automotive-grade and functional safety certified systems on chip (SoCs) working in tandem with the LeddarSP signal processing software.

LeddarTech is responsible for several innovations in cutting-edge mobility remote-sensing applications, its patented technologies enhancing ADAS and autonomous driving capabilities for automobiles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, robotaxis, shuttles, and more. The company is best positioned to capitalize on strong, rapidly evolving LiDAR industry fundamentals, with 10 years of field proven technology development and 30 000 units sold.

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National Canadian Pavilion