Both national and local legislation are pushing toward electrification. Moreover the battery pack price is decreasing much faster than expected. Hybridization and electrification are cornerstone technologies to help meet the increasingly drastic CO2 emission standards. In parallel new electric mobility, solutions are emerging. Valeo has developed, based on the 48V hybrid products, solutions to address this new mobility paradigm.

A first small 48V Chinese BEV has been presented in 2017 and beyond this point Valeo launched different studies in in order to find the optimum trade-off for the power-train of those products.

The Special Vehicle Application will present the virtual and physical results made thru our current developments and we will focus on process optimisation to achieve the best overall trade-off between concurrent requirements: efficiency on cycle, performance, layout complexity, packaging and cost. As an example of the benefits, we will explain in details the benefit of the two machine electric architecture.

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