Genius Technologie GmbH is a company of Genius Group from Berlin Rangsdorf. Established in 2010 our team develops innovative solutions for fire protection transportation and the storage of lithium ion batteries as well as special extinguishing systems. Our highly skilled team members know what the industry needs due to experiences made in scientific and technological areas. Genius Entwicklungsgesellschaft works closely with institutes and associations like BAM, MPA, Fraunhofer Institute and others on application solutions as part of the companies R&D and subsequent approval procedure. At the same time for all our products and procedures we ensure sustainability. Customers like VW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Zeppelin, Audi, the European Commission, Millbrook, FEV, etc. therefore rely on our solutions. Our products are in use world-wide. Our existing portfolio has also been extended by customized applications for national and international customers considering legal and economic requirements.

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